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Sex, Drugs and the Cold War

Published 2006

Using a number of old documentaries this film looks at how sixties youth counter-culture clashed with older people's values of 'moral decency'.

Many of the clips are quite humourous in their sixties Cold War outlook, especially Sam Hardon ("History Professor, This University") whose paranoid views that "sixties radicals are controlled by communists" prompt the question "Is this guy on pot, or is he a Bush Republican?".

The documentary then looks at "sixties radicals" talking about setting up coffee houses and their love of marijuana.

The show finishes with the uncertain end of Sam Hardon as he is encircled by an angry mob of communist student radicals!!!!

Run time 11:20
Producer Freedom of Filth Productions
Production Company Freedom of Filth Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English
Contact Information MC Hollyer


Tragedy or Hope (1972) Jerry Fairbanks Productions
Brink of Disaster (1972) Jerry Fairbanks Productions
Perversion for Profit (1965) Citizens for Decent Literature
Social Seminar: Bunny (1969) Media Extension Center (UCLA)
Drugs in Our Culture (1971) KQED-TV
Star Spangled Banner (circa 1940s) Unknown
Coffee House Rendezvous (1969) Ted Steeg Productions
Your Name Here Outtakes 1,2, and 5 (circa 1960) Calvin Communications
Nixon's Triumphal Return (1959) Universal International News


Reviewer: norton67 - - December 17, 2007
Subject: just goes to show ya......
PROOF ...... there IS a Commie behind every bush !

Hmmmmm, ... kill a Commie ? ...... smoke a joint ? .... kill a Commie ? ..... smoke a joint ? Smoke a joint ? ... kill a Commie ? .....
Reviewer: SLYunessi - - April 12, 2007
Subject: Perfect.
As a student of American history I find this whole archive a suburb resource for propaganda...
this short film is a wonderful example of informative documentaries which can be traced back to point of order.
Truly awesome...props to the creator...
Stupid brain washing movies need to be exposed!
If we expose the population to the obvious propaganda of yesteryear we can be more aware of today's propaganda, which we desperately need to do.
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